“My Sweetie” (Video)


    Only in the Internet age can someone be expected to react to the criticisms of one of their music videos by releasing a music video for an iTunes bonus track. As mentioned in Andrew Martin’s post about Wale’s apparently controversial video (some people complained that there weren’t enough African American women, which I guess is controversial?) Wale leaked the video for “My Sweetie,” because, well, some people were pissed off. People pissed off on the Internet? No way!



    At any rate, this is clearly not label sponsored, since the budget here looks significantly cheaper than the one for “Pretty Girls,” though this one is considerably more jovial, since Wale rocks the shit out of a house party. From the looks of the money that gets thrown out there, it looks like Wale paid a lot of people’s rent that night. So there you have it; the less controversial video in response to the supposedly controversial video.