“My Machines” F. Gary Numan (Video)

    The race for goofiest video of the year just a lot more complicated with this video for Battles’ “My Machines.” In the clip we watch a dude fall down an escalator for eternity (aka the fear of everyone who has to ride an escalator), while Gary Numan (who sings the song) and Battles look on. It will be hard to top, for sheer laughs, the Battles dude playing keyboards as he rolls past the dude falling down the escalator. It’s absurd in a sketch comedy kind of way, which isn’t necessarily what you’d expect from the post-rockers in Battles. And I sort of feel like this is exactly how Gary Numan would react if he saw a dude falling down an escalator. He’d look annoyed, and sing a song. Just the best right here.

    Battles’ Gloss Drop is out now.