“My Diatribe” (Video)

    It’s starting to look like the Kidz in the Hall could have themselves a pretty damn good year if all goes according to plan. That all also depends on if their forthcoming EP, Occasion, sounds as good as their Semester Abroad mixtape. So far, we have already heard “Break It Down,” a fun-though-somewhat-middling summer cut, and now “My Diatribe” off the EP. The latter is a chill, soulful joint driven by strings and keys courtesy of Kidz producer Double 0. His live approach to beats has added a freshness to the duo’s sound and it’s also apparently pushed Naledge to challenge himself as an MC. He might not be breaking down walls with his bars here, but the Chicago native certainly sounds much more inspired than he did on their boring 2010 release, Land of Make Believe.


    Occasion is due out this summer.