“My Boo” (Balam Acab Remix)

    You know what makes corny ’90s R&B jams better than you remember? Remixes by artists who love that type of music but happen to do it better than their influences. OK, I shouldn’t be hating on Ghost Town DJ’s, but I just revisited their biggest hit, “My Boo,” and couldn’t help but feel a wave of cheese wash over me. Alec Koone, aka Balam Acab, has pretty much removed the cheese factor from the track and made it his own with layers of dreamy haze and reverb. Anyone else down with an R&B covers project from Balam Acab? We definitely are, though we’re also cool with just playing this one over and over.


    You can stream and download the remix below. Balam Acab’s Wander / Wonder album drops Sept. 6.


    Ghost Town DJ’s – “My Boo” (Balam Acab Remix) by AndrewMartin