“My Baby” (Video)

    Julia Holter isn’t resting on her laurels following the acclaim piled on Ekstasis earlier this year. In fact, she’s already moved on. Holter has just released a video for a song she made in collaboration with Jib Kidder, titled “My Baby.” This is a reworking of Kibber’s “Ringtone Cowboy,” rendered as a lush, astral-gazing pop song with subtle hints of country-fied guitar twang worked in. This might be the most accessible project Holter has undertaken to date, and the change suits her. There are definite shades of Hope Sandoval to her voice here, and the music sometimes plays out like an upbeat Mazzy Star clone. But mostly this feels like a relaxed, one-off dip into new territory, complete with one of those found-footage videos the indie rock scene just can’t shake off. [via FACT]

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