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Muse: "Uprising" (Live on MTV VMAs) (Video)


Muse's performance on the MTV VMAs last night was allegedly their U.S. network television debut, which seems inconceiveable given how enormous they are in the U.K. But yeah, this was the first time they ever got this much exposure in America, and they performed their Radiohead OK Computer-era referencing song (especially in that moaned part in the chorus) to a pretty stoked crowd. There's no denying these cats put on a hell of a show, but I'm still confused as to how this band could have such a devoted fanbase. I get why people like Coldplay (the lame songs about love), but this seems like it would mostly appeal to geeks (especially with the science fiction influence).


Muse's The Resistance is due out on Sept. 15.

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Question asked, question answered. Their music appeals to geeks, therefore they have a devoted fanbase - geeks love nothing more than following something obsessively.


I've been a fan of Muse for over 5 years. I have every CD that Muse has released. There's a huge following in the US, even though most haven't heard of them. Their music is among the best in the world.

Lilly Nolte

They are a fantastic band, I don't believe they have just a "geek" fanbase, the album "Uprising" is from is from the album "The Resistance" which is about the book 1984. They sing a lot about politics and stuff. All I know is they are the best bloody band in the world.


To say that the person who reviewed this is clueless is an understatement. Geek fanbase? Muse are one of those bands that appeal to the masses, young and old, geek or non-geek. The fact that they have spacey segments in some of their songs has completely drawn you form the purpose and message form their music, not to mention their live shows are amazing, they sound the same as their albums, which is more than you can say for the pop divas and mainstream bands who pollute the radio with really bad music.


. Muse is one of the best live bands ive ever seen and my favorites are led zeppelin, hendrix ,the doors, aerosmith and so on... so you see where im coming from when im talking of live rock music if you dig. They are the best the energy is sooo high Matt is one of the most talented musicians in the world and ever in history ...maybe thats why they have so many fans.Also hes very sexy and attractive to females and guys... so theres more fans right there... not to mention the amazing songs they write and matts hendrix like guitar skills and his amazing vocal range and his piano skils are amazing. Also whats wrong with geeks? . if you dont like Muse its because you just arent ready for them yet...they are too much truth and purity and love for you to take. Maybe after you die a few more times and reincarnate like 100 more lifes you will finally be on their level. Lame songs about love? All the best songs ever are about love brother. wise up. lol... peace.


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