“Murda On The Daily” F. Cormega

    As much as we love progressive, forward-thinking hip-hop around here — or really love in the case of Shabazz Palaces — we equally adore gritty-and-grimy boom-bap. And there is no greater recent example of this than “Murda On the Daily,” a collaborative cut from AZ and Cormega. I know, seeing those names thrown around might instill visions of the mid-to-late ’90s in some of your minds. But they’re nothing short of stellar on this new track that stems from Boomshell Records’ The Premix compilation. Maybe it’s a sign that these two are again working on their planned collaborative album. Who knows.. For now, let’s revel in “Murda On the Daily,” a piano-led storytelling joint that keeps us hopeful for another resurgence of dirty New York City rap.


    Stream the track below.