“Move In The Right Direction” (Video)

    Do the Gossip matter anymore? One time the group seemed destined to be on top of the music world with their infectious diva-fied electro-pop. They were scoring hits in the UK, recorded an album with Rick Rubin and lead singer Beth Ditto graced some magazine covers and hung out with Karl Lagerfeld for a bit.

    Now? The band seems lost in the midst of a thousand knock-offs. While the Gossip weren’t the first to mix a post-punk background with electro-pop, they’ve certainly been doing it longer than most.

    The latest single finds the trio moving towards an even stronger pop sound. The new single, “Move in the Right Direction,” is an empowering number that recalls Dee-Lite or 90s pop sensation CeCe Peniston. Even the video seems to take a cue from her 1991 “Finally” video.

    Depending on your listening habits, you could love this song. On the other hand, it could also end up on the next Express for Men playlist coming to a mall near you. Judge for yourself.

    A Joyful Noise is out now via Columbia.