“Mouth Full Of Golds” f. Birdman (Video)


    Gucci Mane really has no shame about that awful ice cream face tattoo he got in January. On “Mouth Full of the Golds,” the first single off his upcoming Return of Mr. Zone 6 mixtape, he raps “Ice cream on my face and chain” and the Mr. Boomtown-directed video, above, showcases the thing proudly. And look in the lower-left hand corner, there it is again.

    Other than that, this clip is a pretty by-the-numbers medium budget rap video, though the scene where Baby makes a gun with his hand and shots come out (1:42 mark) is pretty neat. Gucci has promised his new album will be a sort of return to his roots; here’s hoping it’s not overshadowed by the stuff he puts on his face.

    The Return of Mr. Zone 6 is due out March 22.

    [Rap Up]