Nick Weiss and Logan Takahashi (aka Teengirl Fantasy) will release their second full-length later this year via R&S/True Panther. This release follows 2010’s 7AM. Before that, they are dropping a new single on R&S.

    “Motif” will street as a 12″ on June 25 and digitally on July 9. The B-side sports a cut entitled “Eternal” and an Actress remix of the title track.  “Motif” won’t be included on the eventual LP, but “Eternal” will be present.

    Today, the electronic duo is streaming the single’s ebullient title track via SoundCloud. It’s a twinkling piano-and-synth tune made for nocturnal headphone sessions. The R&B influences heard on 7AM are somewhat muted here, but you could toss this new age-lounge tune onto a sexy times playlist. There’s a sixty percent chance your significant will go for it. If they’re privy to experimental synthesizer music, then you’ve hit the jackpot. Check out the stream, below: