“Moth’s Wings” (MP3)

    The soaring “Moth’s Wing” is the second song from Passion Pit’s full-length debut, Manners, to hit the net (after “The Reeling“). I’m kind of regretting suggesting the Boston indie-poppers might pull a Black Kids and stretch their small sound into stupidly huge sonics, because “Moth’s Wings” shows off the positive side of going big: enormous group choruses and layers of synths that hit like waves on a beach, but Passion Pit still preserve the tighter vocal and guitar melodies. “Moth’s Wings” finally proves that the band can get out from being a good to great novelty project and be something more.


    Manners is due out on May 26 via Frenchkiss. [Pitchfork]


    Photo Credit: Jason Bergman/Prefixmag.com