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Mos Def: Life In Marvelous Times

RCRD LBL has the debut of a truly wonderful new track by Mos Def, the inspirational, emotion-jerker "Life in Marvelous Times." Always one of the more intellectually-minded rappers (despite his  performance as the near-illiterate rapper Big Blak Africa in Bamboozled), Mos Def mixes fierce rapping with delicate singing in a wonder of a song, a perfect track to kick off the Obama era for hip-hop. If only all hip-hop songs could be as touching as this.


Mos Def's new album, The Ecstatic, will be released on February 9.


Listen to "Life in Marvelous Times" by Mos Def here.

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Mos Def

Wow....finally Mos is back!!! Too bad todays youth are all stuck on ass shaking and no wordplay. Lets take hip-hop back!!!!!!!!!

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