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Mos Def: "Casa Bey" (Video)

Mos Def's fourth solo album, The Ecstatic, is allegedly due out on June 9, and while most rap album release dates tend to be liquid, Mos has been riding the promotional train pretty hard for the album. Here's the album's debut video for "Casa Bey," a flowing and bouncing track built on a dry soul sample. The clip is pretty simple; it focuses on Mos's mouth, as he raps the song, spitting out shapes and letters. You know, because that's how Mos Def gets down. [Pitchfork]



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Mos Def

After listening to some of Mos' new ish, the De La Nike album, Eminem's Relapse and everything Del's touched since 3030, I'm starting to agree with Jay'z, hip hop is a young mans' game.


It's looking more and more that this might be his best album since Black On Both Sides. I removed Mos Def from my favorite artists field on Facebook because of how disappointed I was becoming in his music post-1999.

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I love this song have had in on repeat for days and but this video is awful!!!! no no no Mr Mos - his songs deserves a better visual interpretation that this - so disappointing.

I can't even watch from start to finish without my attention trailing off. hayi man...

that said. i absolutely love this song, (Life in Marvelous Times and Quiet Dog too) and look forward to the album!


Not agreeing with h0gy or Jay Z. I think the progression of hip hop is such that people aren't exactly ready for the bubbling up of the underground. I see mentions of Mos, Eminem, Del, etc. but they are the soup du jour of yesterday. Maybe an article on the clouding of artistic license upon more mainstream success is in order. In DropOuts Inc. (underground burdgeoning group outta Baltimore & NY), we got a young guy, Teddy Faley and me, as a 40 year old producer. It's no less relevant, if not ahead of the game. And if you call it 'emo-rap', you're further out of the hip hop trenches than you think. We can get all 'American Dream-y' and or financial success breeds mediocrity or loss of touch, but there's still much more to expect from hip hop. As crappy as MySpace has gotten, there's tons of stuff out there that has an impact value of +10. Unfortunately, you have to wade through the pools of tough guys and pistol waving myspace profile pic crap before you rediscover the art of hip hop -- that which builds on the superstruct of days gone by and the artist makes it his own rather than borrowed.

DropOuts Inc

Song sucked, but Hip Hop is a love for all ages. Just because the above albums and artists may be slackin' doesn't place the fire in just a new man's hands. In fact, I could name the lot of the new cats, and then they'll be saying hip hop is dead all over again.

Dj Will Power


WTF!!! Are you people watching the same video and listening to the same song I just experienced. This song is all of the elements of hip-hop rolled into one. This song is showing what hip hop has evolved to embody, its not like all hip hop, but it shows how far the artist that practice this life have stretched the line, I'm not even really a big Mos Def Fan and I have to give him much respect for this song, and I like my music way harder than most of his music. And as far as the video it's a serious peace of art check his grin at the end. 10/10 this song is SOLID..... Pay attention to were artist are taking their music in this genre, open your head, its a reason no one wants to be called a rapper anymore......


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