“More Than I Can Say” F. Keyshia Cole

    Update: According to Rap Radar, this track was recorded back in 2005 as part of the sessions for Diddy’s Press Play.


    If you, too, lost your shit when Nas leaked his latest track, “Nasty,” off his forthcoming Life Is Good album, then you, too, are probably doing your best to keep up with whatever else he’s up to lately. That’s pretty much how I found “More Than I Can Say,” a track from the Queensbridge MC that randomly appeared online this afternoon. No one is really sure where it stems from exactly, but no one is really complaining about that, either. It’s certainly no “Nasty” and it does sound pretty unfinished, but “More Than I Can Say” is a pretty solid introspective cut from Nas. Hopefully he’ll clear up this track’s origin soon.


    You can stream “More Than I Can Say” below.