“Moodslayer” (Video)

    The Jessie Stein-fronted, Montreal-based foursome The Luyas released a dizzying video for its song “Moodslayer,” which was apparently “written by compiling the anxieties and venerations of a close friend as they dealt with their first schizophrenic hallucinations.” So, needless to say, the visuals for this one are a little jumpy. The images you’ll see were made by creating different apertures from cardboard and other papers, while various light sources were modified by “an assortment of glass geometry.” Directed, shot and edited by Derrick Belcham, it’s also interesting to note that most of the objects you see in the video were recorded while spinning on a record player. As for schizophrenic hallucinations, “Moodslayer,” off The Luyas‘ 2011 Too Beautiful to Work album, successfully explores what goes on between the real and the unreal in the psyche of its subject. Definitely a cool video, and not a bad song, either. Take a look below.