With “Monolith,” Swedish quartet Holograms releases the follow up to “Chasing My Mind,” the lead single off their upcoming eponymous debut out July 10. The synthed-up element that made “Mind” so youthful-sounding is exchanged here for a constant guitar grind that drives the song with newfound energy, and it’s fitting that “Monolith” is the thunderous album opener.

    The track is awesome, and the album is sounding great so far. Listen to “Monolith” and check out the tracklist below.

    Holograms tracklist:

    01) Monolith
    02) Chasing My Mind
    03) Orpheo
    04) Memories of Sweat
    05) Transform
    06) Apostate
    07) ABC City
    08) Stress
    09) Astray
    10) A Tower
    11) Fever
    12) You Are Ancient (Sweden’s Pride)