“Money” (Video)

    Sometimes we worry about the welfare of 50 Cent, particularly when he does stuff like this, this and especially this, but there are still flashes of that cool-ass motherfucker we used to know and love lingering about. Just take his surprisingly impressive summer release, 5 (Murder By Numbers), and cuts like “Money,” which could have easily belonged to G-Unit’s Beg For Mercy LP.

    Eif Rivera gives said track its accompanying visuals today, posting Fiddy up in a hotel room with half-nekkid females and a shit load of Benjies to count as he outlines to us that “I don’t give a fuck about these hoes, I’m focused on the money.” It’s hardly a big budget production, but who needs pretty things to look at when Havoc’s beat thumps like this bad boy?

    5 (Murder By Numbers) is available to download here.