“Money” (Video)


    The young Brits in Drums make their return on Sept. 12 when Island issues their sophomore album, Portamento. But you don’t have to wait that long to get your eyes on the band or your ears on their new single “Money.” The group have put out a video for the song, and it is above for you: It features the band playing the jittery song in a room, while wandering around the city at twilight. Then they hug a priest, and hang out with people who pray with guns. I guess the idea is that this is what you can get when you don’t have any money, which seems pretty shitty. Drums are probably never going to do anything catchier than “Forever & Ever Amen,” but I imagine this is about to rack up some plays on college radio, even if it has the highest, most bee-like guitar solo I’ve ever heard.