“Moisturizer” (Video)

    Alt-rapper/producer Busdriver is one half of Flash Bang Grenada with seasoned battle rapper Nocando. And over the past few hours, Bus has taken to his Twitter account to provide digital liner notes to their joint album, 10 Haters. In regards to their latest single, “Moisturizer,” he explained that “[Nocando] got this amazing beat from [Mexicans With Guns] & I wanted to do a tough song about skin cream.” Bus added that, “[The-Dream] and the Weeknd inspired my hook. [Nocando]’s verse will forever be the funniest thing that I can withstand.” Got it? Good, because that background should help you understand the madness that is the “Moisturizer” video, which brings the video game-leaning track into seizure-inducing, hilarious territory.

    10 Haters is out now.