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Múm: "If I Were a Fish" (Takeaway Show) (Video)


Vincent Moon is a busy man. His trailer for the forthcoming Mogwai film just surfaced, but that hasn’t stopped him from carrying out his day job over at La Blogotheque. A new Takeaway show featuring the Icelandic group Múm debuted on the site today (Nov. 12).


A crowded bus provides a makeshift venue for the band as they perform the opening song from Sing Along to Songs You Don't Know, “If I Were a Fish,” in the first of these clips. Amazingly, no one seems to pay much attention as the band performs, and some people even leave—bus audiences are clearly the toughest of tough crowds.


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Mmmmmm Vincent Moon didn't film this one video. He's not the only director at Blogotheque... ;)


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