Promo Mixtape – Part 1 (Prefix Premiere)

    Mickey Moonlight calls his style of music ‘Science Fiction Exotica.’ So if the words “planet” and “island” are synonymous to you, then you’re going to find yourself happily floating along this guy’s well-crafted mixes. The Ed Banger-signed, English producer and DJ imaginatively experiments with moods to create an enduring theme. Here, on the first half of a two-part mixtape made as a precursor to the physical release (Dec.6) of his album And the Time Axis Manipulation Corporation, Mickey moves from Talking Heads long-form funk to The Beach Boys’ “Wind Chimes” while taking minor detours somewhere in Sun Ra’s expansiveness. It’s cinematic, subtle and expressive.

    As a DJ, Mickey’s economy is great: he doesn’t let songs drag on and doesn’t cut them too short, which helps showcase the strength of his arrangements. King Tubby’s “Dub Fi Gwan” slow burns through Steve Hillage’s “Garden of Paradise” into the beautiful “Alien Observer” by Grouper. The distinctly different sounds fit comfortably next to each other, and their transitions assume a natural interaction. Mickey’s commitment to a singular feel is evident, and you’ll appreciate it. The audio is diverse—from the William Burroughs-assisted intro to Nino Nardini’s “Tropicola”—but its overall effect isn’t disjointed. Some parts reflect the street soul of Teddy Lasry or echo David Holmes’ “Let’s Get Killed.” And the breadth of the first mix, something that could only be created by a DJ with a base interest in clear communication, makes for continued and welcomed surprises. Here is “Part 1,” and its tracklist. Stayed tuned for “Part 2.”

    Mickey Moonlight Promo Mixtape (Part 1) by edbangerrecords


    1. William’s Welcome – William S. Burroughs
    2. Space is The Place – Sun Ra
    3. Hotel Malabar Ground Floor …Triangle Circuit On the sea-forest… – Hosono & Yokoo
    4. Born Under Punches (The Heat Goes On) – Talking Heads
    5. Tropicola – Nino Nardini
    6. Krazy Kat – Teddy Lasry
    7. Give It Up Or Turn It Loose – Dick Hyman
    8. Fly With Me – Supermax
    9. Just To See You Smile – Spacemen 3
    10. Time – Sly And The Family Stone
    11. Garden of Paradise – Steve Hillage
    12. Calling Planet Earth – Sun Ra
    13. Notre Dame – Harmonia
    14. Dub Fi Gwan – King Tubby
    15. Garden of Paradise – Steve Hillage
    16. Alien Observer – Grouper
    17. Memories Of Atlantis – J. D. Emmanuel
    18. Earth (Gia) – The Orb
    19. Wind Chimes – The Beach Boys
    20. Calling Occupants Of Planet Earth – The Langley Schools Project