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Missy Elliott: "Put It On You" (MP3) ft. Pharrell and Teyana

Pig Latin is cool for about 10 minutes when you're seven, but as a substitute for lyrics, it's pretty terrible, as proven here by Missy Elliott, who uses it to sing some lyrics in her new single, "Put It On You." Missy has clearly retreated into the arms of the Neptunes for a little of their pulsating synths and heavy drums trickery that was pretty much dead in 2004. "Put It On Me" is slated for inclusion on Missy's long-gestating Block Party, which is due out "this year." 

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Missy Elliott



I Love It! I Think the pig latin sounds good. It's something different for a song. It's still classic Missy. What else can you ask for?

Andre Smith

this song is siiiiick, who ever wrote that review dnt no good music... trust whens its finally released it will b a massive club banger.. watch!


hellll muthafu*kin yeaaa!! this song is sick and missy ALWAYS comes out with some crazy fresh music so anybody hatin is stupid.


This song is sick, the editor is clearly a fool. Missy had 6 PLANTIUM album so i believe she knows what she is doing. But cant wait for the video


Hell yeah, that sonq that fye


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