“Minnesota Nice” f. Prof, Mr. Gene Poole & Felipe Cuauhtli

    Over the past year or two, the Rhymesayers crew has become known for dropping free posse cuts as a means of promoting their tours. As such, it was only a matter of time before Atmosphere would do the same, which the duo is doing here with its openers on the Welcome To Minnesota Tour. “Minnesota Nice” features Atmosphere’s frontman, Slug, teaming up with Prof, Mr. Gene Poole and Felipe Cuauhtli. They all represent for their hometown over a live, bouncy beat from producer Ant. He has again fleshed out the track with the help of the full band who’s been backing Atmosphere for the past few years.


    Stream “Minnesota Nice” below or download it at Rhymesayers Radio.


    Atmosphere – Minnesota Nice feat. Felipe Cuauhtli, Prof, Mr. Gene Poole by rhymesayers