“Milkin’ It”

    It hasn’t been long since Cornershop released Cornershop and the Double ‘O’ Groove Of, but there’s already a follow-up in the works. The band, still functioning as the duo of Tjinder Singh and Ben Ayres with various guest musicians, has titled its new record Urban Turban, from which “Milkin’ It” is taken. This continues to draw on the distinctly old school hip-hop influences the band has been plundering for some time now, with familiar twists of analog synths underpinning a vocal from In Light Of Aquarius. Check out the song below, plus the track listing for Urban Turban. [via The Quietus]



    1. What Did The Hippie Have In His Bag? – Cornershop ft. Castle Hill Primary
    2. Who’s Gonna Lite It Up? – Cornershop ft. Izzy
    3. Non-Stop Radio (extended play) – Cornershop ft. Celeste
    4. Solid Gold – Cornershop ft. Katie
    5. Beacon Radio 303 – Cornershop ft. Rajwant
    6. Milkin’ It – Cornershop ft. In Light Of Aquarius
    7. Concrete, Concrete – Cornershop ft. Kay Kwong
    8. Something Makes You Feel Like – Cornershop ft. SoKo
    9. Inspector Bamba Singh’s Lament – Cornershop ft. Amar
    10. Dedicated – Cornershop ft. Lorraine
    11. What Did The Hippie Have In His Bag? (The High Slung Satchel Mix) – Cornershop ft. Castle Hill Primary
    12. Bonus track First Wog On The Moon – Cornershop