“Mickey Mouse” (MP3)

    When I opened the newest Wavves mp3 in my iTunes player, it told me the genre was “African.” Tough to fathom for a song named after an icon so thoroughly American it was opposed by critics of the United States as a symbol of imperialism. “Mickey Mouse” is heavy on percussion, but it’s more electronic than African, in the manner of Panda Bear. Mostly this is a nostalgic tune that conjures Mickey Mouse as a reminder of childhood innocenc and sounds like a campfire singalong, if your campfire is ringed by fuzzed-out guitars. It’s hard not to hear the opening line, “I never wanna leave home,” in light of frontman Nathan Williams’s on-stage breakdown in Barcelona, a result of media pressure and homemade cocktails of prescription meds. Don’t worry, Nathan, no one will ever make you go to Barcelona again. Please just stay at home playing with electronics and plugging guitars into secondhand amps. But with what may be your most pleasantly infectious song to date, the attention will stay. [MBV]