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M.I.A.: "Teqkilla" (Remix) f. Nicki Minaj

The word "remix" is kind of a misnomer on this track, as there's very little musically different between this song and the killer break-in alarms and thunderous tribal percussion of M.I.A.'s original "Teqkilla." The only thing added is in the wicked breakdown, where Young Money starlet Nicki Minaj pours her trademark seductive snarl all over. It makes a really interesting counterpoint to Maya's abrasive sing-speak. With this and the Jay-Z version of "XXXO," is anyone else hoping for a version of /\/\ /\ Y /\ where guest rappers eat up the breakdowns with quality verses? Seriously, M.I.A., make this happen.


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I actually don't really mind Minaj on here. She kind of works with the rest of the batsh*t insanity going on.

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they should do more together, id eat it up


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