Lana Del Rey, the Internet can’t quit you. Just when the coast looks clear, the self-appointed gangsta Nancy Sinatra shimmies back into spotlight with another highly stylized music video, another advertising campaign, another collection of new material. Today, it’s “Methamphetamines” — a supposedly leaked new song that, unlike Del Rey’s  usual histrionic, drawn-out musical melodramas, keeps things simple and neat with a running time of just under two minutes.

    Devoid of the glossy, lush sonic landscapes that defined Del Rey’s debut LP, Born To Die, “Methamphetamines” pairs Del Rey’s reverb-soaked voice against a crackling hiss — and not much else. It’s a lazy, staggering tune (a far cry from the hyperactivity and over-stimulation suggested by its title) that finds Del Rey pining for the Jersey Shore and ’50s songs.

    While it’s not clear whether or not the track will be part of the sultry songstress’ next album, Lana Del Rey fans eager for “new” material from the artist can bide time with the upcoming release of Born To Die: Paradise Edition, which will be released Nov. 12 in the UK and Nov. 13 in the US.

    Listen to “Methamphetamines” below.