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Metallica: The Day That Never Comes (Video)

I’m sure the video for Metallica’s “The Day That Never Comes” is supposed to be a think-piece on America’s interaction with the Islam world and the effect on our boys in uniform, but I can’t help but thinking that the song and the video have a lot in common with “One.” So much so, I’d say someone should sue Metallica for plagiarizing themselves.


The song is from Metallica’s upcoming new album Death Magnetic, due out on September 12. [Stereogum]

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I liked it. I'm glad to see that they can still make music.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/margaritaland/foto2.jpg margaritaland

Song is OK, but hey, I'm the odd one that prefers black forward, so you'll hate it. The video sucks. Should have never even got that close to a potential threat. Non-compliance gets you killed, so does complacency. It was so far from a real world scene. Patrols with one vehicle, limited safety gear, and just loosely based on fact. They should have hired a better military adviser. The Marines should have been real Marines, that would have really helped their effort at putting a scene behind this song. I'll listen to the music, but spare me the lame attempt at a visual.


LOL, coming from a worthless ass ARMY piece of trash that only shows up after the Marines have cleared out the enemy, you have a lot to learn junior.and please spare me you wanna-be tall tales of combat and such, cause we all know the only thing you've done is stay in an air conditioned barracks kissing your 1st Sergent's ass to get a promotion while playing rent-a-cop somewhere. This song was about vengence, then it turned into a song about futility. But what the hell would you know about any of that? So before you go spouting off about this or that or your your so called great combat experience, do some time in my world, not your fantasy life!


To say the least, the song is great but I think with any song out there the only person who can say they REALLY know what this song is about is almost impossible. We werent the person who put the lyrics together nor the person who used the tone or the emphasis on the words. The only people who know the real truth behind what this song is... is well Metallica. I agree with US_Marine 126 in being about futility and correct me if im wrong but 99.99% of marines do not kill civilians unless some dire threat is presented. Enough of that. Now for the song, its similiar to One but there are some MAJOR differences. For one, (no pun intended :P) i feel the band played very well where in "One" the emphasis was much more on the guitar (this is an IMO). Also, you can take almost ANY song and say it sounds like another song you heard, its called "Inspiration". So, all in all, I feel its a GREAT song and I really enjoy it 9.5/10 here. REally like the solo and I feel Metallica did a good job with this one. Keep it up Guys!!


I think this guys are incredibles...
They are gods...
Just Go ahead boys!!!


Love is a four letter word????
OMG what happened to this band?
L.O.V.E. yeah I know that it is four letters.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/prefix/no-user-pic.gif MagneticDeathVagina

Hey Fodder Dude I mean US_MARINE126. This video IS lame. That's not even a GI vehicle in the first scene. Is that even a US helmet in the last scene? You spell like a marine, and writing shiite like "This song was about vengence, then it turned into a song about futility." makes you sound like some sort of a drama queen. You child. Did you meet your boyfriend in the marines?

We all love metallica but understand what the criticism is about. I'm sure you're about 18.


When you say something is a four letter word it is now not correct to say. It comes from many curse words being 4 letters. So saying Love is a 4 letter word means there is a lack of love in the world, or at least everyone spouts 4 letter curse words and not the other 4 letter word, love.


It is very obvious Us_army guy knows his stuff. Real marines don't type LOL starting a sentence first of all.


love is a four letter word.
think about it idiot.
it means more than just how many letters are in the word.


i luv whores lol and metallica

Turd stain

I think the song was great.... BUT. The video was lame and in no way applied to the song, or what you jackasses are calling it, vengenance...... SO.. I agree, its kinda stupid that they said love is a 4 letter word... DUH! but most of the lyrics on this album dont make too much sense anyways.... so learn about the material before you criticize dumb asses!!!!!!


@ MagenticDeathVagina - Christ. Look, have you ever been in a relationship that ended badly? Have you ever seared with unbelievable pain that felt like it had no end? Have you ever wanted to kill yourself to get away from the woman that you cannot stand, but feel for more than anything else in the world? Love is four letter word. Just like C*NT. And yes, I remain single for my sanity right about now. I love that tune and the entire album. Best thing they've done since Justice.

Thrawn 6.7

thats all i have to say.

chipotle sause

I personally think the song and video are awesome. The video especially spoke to me. I'm not in the armed services, but it had a powerful impact. To all you flamers out there, you have the right to be critical, but do it in a more professional manner. No one will take you or your opinions seriously if you just start throwing out curse words and criticizing others for their opinions. After reading everyone's responses here, the only person I am taking seriously is margaritaland (and NOT just because they liked the song and video), because he/she was the only one that didn't feel the need to use foul language and put down others.


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