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Metallica: All Nightmare Long (Video)


During Christmas Break last year, I watched the History Channel's special on the Tugunska explosion in Russia three times in a single day. It wasn't that the thing was incredibly interesting (no one really knows why there's a huge freaking crater in Russia, but it might be an asteroid or something), it was more like one of those things to watch instead of just channel surfing and to avoid abject boredom.[more:]


This video for "All Nightmare Long" won't ward off boredom-- in fact, I'm willing to wager it'll cause more boredom-related injuries this year than any other music video. First off, the song is like 37 minutes of guitar twiddling (actual run time: eight minutes) , and the video tries to turn the Tugunska explosion into a plot device for making a nation of zombie kitties and zombie people.


Personally, I find the real explanation for Tugunska more entertaining, and would prefer for a nerdy Rusky fella to explain with a board of toothpicks why it had to be a meteor. The animation in the video is pretty cool, but it gets old at around the four minute mark.  [Stereogum]

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I thought that Tugunska documentary was pretty intersting. I also think it's a damn shame that Metallica is trying to ruin it for everyone.


WTF??!! That video rocks, it's one of the best and most creative videos i've seen for years. You obviously are hater.


yeah those fu*****rs are haters!!!! WTF??? it is the best video in years and not only from metallica!!!!!!!!


I'm with lex and pablo. This video was great whether you like Metallica or not!


this video obviosly took tons of creative talent, and is nothing like a typical music video. Who cares what really happened at tugunska? have some fun already!


Whoever wrote this is pattenly stupid. This video was an interesting and creative piece of art. WTF, indeed!


but the video does suck. The whole part in the middle hinges on the fact that this spore launched from a balloon in the atmosphere is able to penetrate the ground and reach corpses on a massive scale....and come on, zombies became lame even before Will Smith ruined I Am Legend. Talent yes, but that's what folks get paid to do. Doesn't make it good.

No hater, love metallica

this video is crap.
the song is crap too.
metallica need some spores.


I must respectfully disagree with this review. I think think this video is very creative and entertaining. I just got done watching it for the first time and I can't wait to watch it again. I don't think this was the best of there new songs, but I still liked the song.


I must disresepectfully disagree with all the people giving a decidedly negative review. Its a huge s##t load better than any rapper has made EVER. And whats this about?,


This video was awesome. This song is one of my fav's off their new album so I was psyched when I got to see the video. It is truely a piece of art. I loved every single second of it. I even recorded it to my dvr so I can watch it any time I want to.

All the haters need to shut up. When you're still around and still rockin' as long as Metallica has been, then you've earned a right to diss them, until then SHUT UP - I don't want to hear it!

metallica_girl 1979

what is something really hapens in this video some kind of chemical warfare thing

ver very good video

i am not a real metallica fan but this video is the best i ever seen most clips are so boring this was so enjoyable


i think thi s video is freakin sweeeet so i agree with u guys that think the same

metallica freakin rocks!!!!!!!!

It's funny, this is the second bad review of the video I've seen in my five-seconds-ago Google search. There was a positive one at Rolling Stone, though. Both of the negative ones are really bad - and I mean the quality of the reviews is low. Rather fitting. This is the best video I've seen in a loooong while.


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