Mercury (Audio, Video)

    It turns out that Bloc Party radio appearance that was somewhat overhyped this morning was in regards to the release of their new single, "Mercury." It doesn’t sound like a typical Bloc Party song by any means, a lot more urgent and experimental than its danceable melody would have you believe. The song is streaming on the website of Zane Lowe’s BBC 1 Radio show.


    But the audio file is only half the story. Bloc Party has released the video of the song on their now fully navigable song. It looks like the band has been taken over by DAMN DIRTY APES! The manic, utterly ridiculous, and intermittenly gross music video has references to Planet of The Apes, The Manchurian Candidate, Apocalypse Now, and Dr. Strangelove, but it all goes so fast it’s hard to follow. It’s without a doubt the best monkey-heavy music video since The New York Dolls’ "Dance Like a Monkey." 


    More audio available at