“Men At Work 2020” F. Marley Marl, Action Bronson, Ras Kass, Necro, Nutso, F.T. & Rugged Intellect

    Holy hip-hop, y’all. This updated version of Kool G Rap and DJ Polo classic “Men at Work” is an absolute beast. The original is probably one of the most influential straight-spittin’ tracks of all time. And this new “2020” take? It’s huge. It also features new rhymes from Action Bronson, Nutso, Ras Kass, F.T., Rugged Intellect,  and Necro, the last of whom will release a joint album, The Godfathers, with G Rap later this year. Until then, let’s just keep listening to the flurry of 16s here. Please. Also, props to Domingo on the boards for his killer sample/break choices. You can stream the track below. [2DBz]