“Memories” (Live On Leno) (Video)


    Weezer’s Hurley is here, they are promoting it with these outfits made in conjunction with the Hurley clothing line, and with this performance of “Memories” for Jay Leno’s show last night (Sept. 15). The talk show host lets slip that the band will be playing a “secret” show on September 21 in Hollywood—yes, the concept of a secret show now stretches to being able to promote it on a major network television show.



    “Memories” gives the guitar-less Rivers Cuomo a chance to demonstrate his—let’s be kind—“unique” dance moves, which involves lots of crotch thrusting and arm twisting, somewhat reminiscent of a certain sitcom character. The song is Weezer-by-numbers power pop, the kind of track they can churn out in their sleep at this point, but it’s unlikely anyone expects much more from them.


    [via The Audio Perv]