When you think of Russia, you usually picture Vladmir Putin topless riding a bear. Who woulda thought that you should also be picturing glittering night clubs with some great dance music. And to be more specific, dance music coming from Tesla Boy.

    Creating catchy electronic beats that get you doing a combination of fist pumping and grooving, the trio has proven that dance pop music in Russia exists. To further prove that, listen to their new single “M.C.H.T.E” The keyboard synths, percussion, and bass hit you in all of the right spots. And vocalist Anton Sevidov really has you believing that you’re in a club not in the remote snow-ridden landscapes of Russia.

    Their latest single will be featured on their upcoming album The Universe Made Of Darkness coming out on May 21, 2013.

    Dance along to “M.C.H.T.E” below: