“Mazel Tov F. Action Bronson”

    N.O.R.E.’s upcoming mixtape Crack on Steroids is still sitting TBA, though the sign of the first leak should be alluding to a near drop, unless, you know, you’re Dr. Dre working on Detox

    For the introduction, N.O.R.E.’s got an Action Bronson-included track titled “Mazel Tov” that appropriates the celebratory themes surrounding the Jewish phrase, and while it’s not the most creative of ideas, the pair make it work. By pair, I mean mostly Bronsolino. N.O.R.E. does his usual work, but it’s day and night alongside Action Bronson. Of course, that doesn’t slight the track down to being a failure. Just fast-forward if you need to.

    Technically, this one’s a week old, though it’s best to pretend this new CDQ release is the debut instead of reminiscing on that scratched-out version that dropped before. Check it out for yourselves, and look out for Crack on Steroids.