“Mattered Much” F. Olivier Daysoul

    As it appears on Oddisee’s Rock Creek Park, “Mattered Much” follows the instrumental lead of the majority of the album’s other tracks. It’s a jazzy, moody rider that apparently took the Brooklyn resident a while to create. In particular, the drum rolls gave him a headache as he was programming them. It was well worth it, though, as it’s one of his proudest moments as a producer. And now, he can say the same about his skills as a songwriter. Here, he and frequent collaborator/crooner Olivier Daysoul have turned the track into a proper vocal tune. Oddisee’s dishing out autobiographical bars on the verses while Daysoul handles the smooth hook, perhaps offering a preview of Oddisee’s proper solo debut or Daysoul’s next project. Whatever the case, it’s some great morning music, that’s for damn sure.

    You can stream the track below and download it on Bandcamp. Rock Creek Park is out now.