“Married To The Game” (Video)


    Saigon’s new video for “Married To The Game” poses a couple of important questions to viewers. First off, if Saigon is able to see the bullet coming at him in slow motion, and he is able to continue rapping at regular speed, why does he let it hit him at the end of the video? Common sense would dictate a quick step to the left or right to avoid any sort of bodily harm. Second, it makes you wonder whether or not Saigon has seen the Korn video for “Freak On A Leash,” as this clip basically takes the same concept, but features 100% less fat dudes jumping into pools and exploding lava lamps. Whatever the case, the song itself remains unquestionable, a guitar-laced street lament that sounds amazing on headphones.


    “Married To The Game” comes from Ceasar & PStarr’s War Music, which is available now.

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