“Marijuana” (Video)

    Clearly not content with only pushing his new rock single, “Perfect is the Word,” Kid Cudi doubles down on the media coverage today with some visuals for “Marijuana” off last year’s Man on the Moon 2: Legend of Mr. Rager. And, perhaps most interestingly, he linked with Cage’s number one fan/actor/director Shia LaBeouf to film the video. Unless my eyes deceive me, Cage makes a cameo here, too, along with Travis Barker and a few others I can’t identify. The majority of the footage is dedicated to grainy shots of Cudder enjoying weed and showing off his staff in between live gigs and interviews. It’s kind of funny that he would release this now after he apparently quit smoking weed, but dude would have to stop performing like half of his catalog if he wanted to completely get away from THC.


    Man on the Moon 2 is out now.


    [Rap Radar]