Anyone suitably impressed by the funereal pacing of Julia Holter’s Tragedy in 2011 may be interested to know that she’s planning a quick follow-up. “Marienbad”—presumably named after Alain Resnais’ classic 1961 French film Last Year at Marienbad—is being offered as a preview from her new work Ekstasis, which is being issued on the New York-based RVNG INTL. There’s a lightness to her work here, with the multi-layered vocal harmonies stacking up over a gossamer-thin backing. It’s somewhat reminiscent of Van Dyke Parks’ notoriously meticulous arrangements, and there’s an unsettling air to “Marienbad” that mirrors his work, where you’re never quite sure where the song is taking you. This is clearly an artist at the top of her game, hinting that Ekstasis may be her most fully formed work to date. [via FACT]

    Julia Holter – Marienbad by RVNG Intl.

    Update: A video for “Marienbad” has also been issued.

    Julia Holter – Marienbad from RVNG Intl. on Vimeo.