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Mariah Carey: Touch My Body Remix (MP3) ft. R. Kelly

Remix of "Touch My Body" featuring R. Kelly. Better or worse with Kells added? 


Via: Real Talk 

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Mariah Carey



r kelly is the best singer who ever lived


OMG!!! I hated this song...but now! WOW I'm speechless! Kells! MUSICAL GENIUS!

Drunk D

i love this song kelly's made it batter


The song before the remix was ok, one of those songs you let play in the background while you're not really paying attention but Kells has done it again. R. Kelly is the only person I know who can take a song that has already been remixed and then remix the remix lol. All I can say you can't have R & B without the R!!!! Shout out to Kells for doing his thang once again.....


ooo, robert, robert, robert kelly, oooo.This is what you call 'ordering a hamburger and getting the bun'.


It still sucks with Kellz on it!

Pop It Out

I seriously, honestly think that it was a perfectly nice song until "Kells" wrecked it!!! In my opinion, "Kells" can GO TO "HELLS"!!!!!

Kells sucks!!!

kellz sucks and dont b dissin the song

aquayla A.K.A hot bitch

R. Kelly dont suck, you the one sucks. matter of affact your lame son cause everybody kells is da s**t and all his remixes he does are nasty.

Kelly Nasty

I dont like it as much as Mariah's version.


I like this way more then the original song. Go Kells!


Its raw! It was raw wit MiMi and its raw remixed! Go mariah! She got the coldest people on her team this go round!


This song tight with his remix. he tok it to a new level.
This is the s**t

Kelly beast

This song is gangsta with Kellz. He took it to another level.This is the sh**

Kelly beast

kellz is the s__t chi-town 4 life


man my guy kells is the shiit some of yall was made off his shiit so show some respect he the only kat i r&b still doin REAL R&B all them other kats is pop he the best at what he does quit hatin step ur game up or listen to pop like ne-yo lol

kells king of R&B

I am feelin these two artists together. She knows to add Robert in the mix. It nice to see them collaborate. He just adds a flavor that no other can add to her music. I like this joint. Robert is talented and shows t over and over.


I am feelin this joint and enjoy this collaberation between two talented arists. Robert has talented that speaks for itself. I am feelin this joint. Kells you did it again.


I'm feelin this Kells remix..I have to agree with you EmeraldC Hick82..Only R. Kelly can do this ish and make the song sound betta than the original..I like this remix betta than the one with The Dream..


who ever thinks r kelly and this remix sucks is a penis in a box


This song was cold with just Mariah to, but now that R Kelly is on the track it's 10x better. R Kelly is that deal!!

Kells Fan

the song was cool!!...

/site_media/uploads/images/users/prefix/no-user-pic.gif kamdorothy

This song is hot, sexy..
I love it!


r. kelly is fire. he took it to another level. even mariah carey admitted it on flex.


I didn't like the song until the remix with Kelly. The majority of his music is sexual, so to all the haters...shut the hell up. Much love for ya Kelly

chi-town in the house!


I Love You R.Kelly!!!!!!!!!!!

HighYella Cinderella

You can't Hate...The Boy is talented as hell!!! I haven't heard a remix with him on it that wasn't on Fire!!!


I LOVE R.Kelly!!! I didn't like this song before but now it's hot because of Kells!!!

Kells:the remix killa!!!

Mariah rocks and R.Kelly is good so this was nice..


Mariah is looking good... and what can my boy R.Kelly say other than he put it down AGAIN! WOW. This song is a remixkiller.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/prefix/no-user-pic.gif REMIXKILLER

step in the name of love, happy people, ignition, red carpet, ladies night, AND NOW THE REMIX KILLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

john phillip

I love this songto the i'm about to turn 13 and i am go to keep listening to i get sick of listening to it i like the pat when r kelly says it's the remix killaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

demetrius lucas

Kells killed the remix again. He really puts the R in R&B


This song is hot!!!!!!!!!!!! R kelly made it better i still love Mariah Carey$$$$$$$$$$$$


i love this song. this is the second best song she has song. the first one was we belong together, and dont forget about us.


kells murdered this song it better then the original one :)

ice man

can u puts some music on my usb


good song


I have t[o say i liked it the old way and now every since i've heard this version i can't get it out my head!! I like this version better....


He is definitely the remix killer. I HATED this song...still do, but I like his version..The sound of her voice just sounds gross and horny...He is my hero:-)


I love the remix of this song and R.Kelly can sing and R.Kelly is sexy And they did a good job on this song.


This song is the ish, i gotta admit she still got it. We all know Kellz is the remix, any remix he touch turns to a hit. Good collaboration too, keep it up Kellz.


R.Kelly is the sh*t I don't care what nobody says. Him and Mariah on this joint is hot i wish they do a video toghether I betcha it would be the bomb.Everybody that hates on Kells is a loser so go figure.


Kells is the remix killa 4 reala!! This remix is better than the other versions. Hey! Hey! Hey!


Nice remix......and to all ppl donn like r.kelly jus go 2 hell


dis sucks!!..listen to the remix of touch my body ft.BIZZYBONE that is much better!ya'heard???!!!

king JAMES

dis was alot better than the first one ! I love this this is my favorite song ever! bye-bye homes!

lil mama !

I LOVE IT R.kelly.


I like it without him, it is good enough on its own merit.


Stop hating on me. I made this song better!!!!

R Kelly

this song is a bomb, r.kelly is just the best


very special song
with kellz


Whoever sayz this sucks, u need 2 get some!!!!!

Ms. Cory

kells has always been my man and i wish to see him personally someday.Am in Ghana.He is really the remix killa and the king of all.I wish i could mail him and he too can do the same


com o r.kelly a musica ficou otimaaaaaaaaaaa


"K-ellz and Mariah"


Pop Levi

if Kells is in it, it's gon sell!!


This was an awesome remix. Kells yes you've done it again. Mariah, I have heard several remixes to this song, and the song is hot, and you get props for remixin with Kells.

The Queen

wale from nigeria,i just went to said kellz and mariah you guys is tooooooooo much.i luv this remix too much plz mariah let me touch your boby....


wale from nigeria,kellz remix killa and mariah you guys is tooooo much i love this track is my favorite music i love this...


where do i download this song?


This is tha nice with father Kelly!! he changed this song 4 good!! Peace!!

Obed Kasparov!!

R. Kelly, you're an authentic somebody - you are one of the people who taught me what Authenticity really is. Damn boy! Mbali Khulu from South Africa!!!


Kells is smooth. Nice twist to the song.




R.kelly is e remix killer 4 sho.........WE THE BEST..........

kudzie M

What Kells does sells like hot cakes...the man is the best ..he

Ignatius Dube

R. Kelly really made the song mmmmwaaaaaaaaaah . am really in love with you

Abena Asiedu

i like dis song but i love mariah carey ....:-) and i also thanx 2 kelly u rock dis couple are gr8 ..:-) love u sexy mariah lov u lov u lov u


i love super snick version the remix follow this link


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