“Make It Bun Dem” F. Damian Marley (Video)

    Snoop Dogg may have raised a few eyebrows (and a few Half Baked quotables) by evolving into his Lion form and foraying into reggae with Diplo earlier this summer, but the genre experienced an even more frightening intruder when Skrillex teamed up with Damian Marley back in April for “Make It Bun Dem.”

    With a slight delay of five months, the EDM-meets-reggae banger finally gets its due music video. In the short film below, a Native American man helps a young brave tap into the spirit world to “politely” usher away greedy real estate developers from their home. It’s a nice visual compliment to the giant middle finger the raucous sounds flips at the establishment.

    “We mash up the place, turn up the bass and make some soundbwoy run.”

    Enjoy the visuals below.