“Make A Killin” f. Pusha T

    The coolest thing about Tabi Bonney may be that he was born in Togo. Though, his African roots don’t really come across in any immediately recognizable way for better or worse. Instead Bonney walks the line along with many other D.C.-based rappers between the go-go roots of the capital and the more recognizable elements of hip-hop.


    Bonney latest leak “Make A Killin'” from his upcoming LP does much of the same at a stoned-out pace. Bonney flow spills out like he overdosed on his codeine prescription to a lazy reggae-inspired horn loop that is barely Big Mountain-worthy.


    The coolest thing about this track might be that he somehow got Pusha T to stop hanging out with Kanye long enough to drive over the river from VA and drop a verse for him. Ah, who are we kidding? Ten bucks, Terrance emailed this leftover in.