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Madonna: "Revolver" ft. Lil Wayne (MP3)

While we're all waiting to see if Rebirth ever actually gets released, Lil Wayne went off and recorded "Revolver," a track from Madonna's upcoming greatest hits album Celebration. The song, which has leaked in about a half dozen forms, this one allegedly being the "finished" version, is centered around some Britney Spears-esque Auto-Tune work from Madonna and a pretty cheesy gun metaphor. Wayne does a mailed-in verse, the kind of which he's been doing for about the last eight months, and joins Madonna on the last chorus. This won't make anyone wish for an album-length collabo, that's for sure.


Celebration is due out on Sept. 29. [Idolator]

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this bum deleted my comment lol stop hating!


hate. hate. hate.

did they take ur girlfriend? geeez. You know its a hit and it was actually longer, they cut wayne's verse short. So NO, its not "mailed in" retard. she bough the demo from wayne.


I like this song, it's fun. It'll no doubt be a hit as this is what the kids are listening to these days.


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