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Madonna: "Celebration" (Stream)

After the tepid, inane, Timbaland of the lost-produced atrocity that was "4 Minutes," it's nice to see that Madonna hasn't lost her bearings entirely. At the very least, new single "Celebration" shows that Madonna is aware of the 90s house/trance-y revival that has taken place in pop music the past couple of years, having tapped Paul Oakenfold for the track's production. The lyrics are still a collection of surprisingly annoying pop clichés, but if you haven't faulted Madonna for that yet, you're not going to start now. You can listen to the track in full here.


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Actually 4 minutes was a great song, and a HUGE worldwide smash. Of course the biggest, most annying "cliche" here is this ridiculously slanted article, authored by the very tired Matthew Richardson.

Dixie Normas

Get serious man, Hard Candy was a stellar studio album once again ignored by mainstream radio. Hard Candy regardless of who was on board producing it was a 'Madonna' record 100%. Why do you even blog/review? You are soooooo boring.

Hardy Candy

4 mins was fab and ur a loser


How cliche a gay man who simply HAS to follow the crowd! Your reviews are pithy and not representative of anyone other than your own blinkered opinion!! I bet you are an awful Kylie Minogue fan (Vomits), Hard Candy was hated by those who hate Madonna, nothing new there....for every hater there are a milion others who love her, HC was better than most throw away pop trash produced by younger artists, and as for her new single having cliche lyrics????? WTF? its tongue in cheek you idiot!! Go away, get a proper job!


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