“Lustful ’97”

    It’s not quite clear where this new SpaceGhostPurrp track will end up — his 4AD debut, perhaps? — but that’s not really what we’re concerned about here. What’s most intriguing about “Lustful ’97” is what should be most intriguing: the music itself. The track is a nearly six-and-a-half-minute journey through the rapper-producer’s pleasure center, revealing exactly what and who he wants.

    It could have easily played out like every other sex-crazed rap song out there, but, of course, Purrp ain’t like every other rap artist. Dude’s Three 6 Mafia-inspired tendencies are heavy here in the production side of things, but his rapping leans (no pun) toward something more menacing. Stream the song below and download it here. [FACT]