“Love Will Never Do (Without You)” (Janet Jackson Cover) (Prefix Premiere)

    With Brooklyn’s Mobius Band currently on hiatus, its members are taking the time to branch out and start working on other projects. In particular, Ben Sterling has been churning out new material with his group Cookies, who have a penchant for crafting bright, danceable pop tunes.

    That’s especially true here on their reworking of Janet Jackson classic “Love Will Never Do (Without You),” which reuses an unreleased Cookies tune “Katharine.” The result is something so infectious, so utterly nostalgic that you had damn well play it at your Halloween party this weekend. If not, you’ll be doing everyone a disservice. Stream and download the cover below.

    Read more about Cookies at their website http://cookiesltd.com.

    Cookies: “Love Will Never Do Without You” / “Katharine Beat” by prefixmag