“Love Love 2” F. KRS-One & Homeboy Sandman (Prefix Premiere)

    Harlem, N.Y.’s Kyle Rapps has clearly found a fan and, possibly, a mentor in hip-hop great KRS-One. The two previously worked together on the former’s Re-Edutainment EP that featured a roaring KRS verse on the “Rent” remix, which was one of the project’s finest moments. And they have maintained their working relationship for Rapps’ upcoming concept album, On Air, that pairs up his and his guests’ rhymes with samples from downtempo mainstays Air.

    And as far as we can tell, KRS has again appeared on an album highlight in “Love Love 2.” The South Bronx native, Rapps, and recent Stones Throw signee Homeboy Sandman kick massive knowledge without sounding preachy or boring. Instead, they’re as fluid as can be rhyming over the Air loop while speaking on “different aspects of showing love,” according to Rapps. You can read his thoughts on the track below.

    “I wanted to put a song together that reflected different aspects of showing love. KRS-One’s verse talks about the love he gives to hip-hop culture, and how he gets that love back from fans around the world. I go in by saying “I speak to the crackhead/ Tell him he a man too” to let folks know that it can help to show people love who may not even love themselves. Then Homeboy Sandman speaks about the love that is found in ghettos that the media doesn’t ever really reflect.”

    You can download and stream the track via the Soundcloud player below. On Air is due out soon.

    Kyle Rapps: “Love Love 2” F. KRS-One And Homeboy Sandman by prefixmag