Love Lockdown (Remix ft. R. Kelly) [MP3]

    There’s nothing like the R. Kelly brand of remix, which pretty much involves just  singing over a pre-existing beat and vocals without changing those elements in any kind of dramatic way. Actually, I guess there is, but oh well. Kellz is still treating Autotune with the Christmas toy novelty that all of the mainstream hip-hop community seems to have been arrested with, and it’s sometimes not apparent whether Kanye or Kellz is singing at points. However, Kelly is notable, as ever, for his practical, freak-centric lyricism: "If your bored girl, we can blow this club/if you’re sweaty girl, we can get in my tub/if you’re hungry girl, I’ll get you something to eat/if you want it girl, then i will be your freak." I hope those things happen in that order