“Lost” F. Sara Savery (Prefix Premiere)

    After collaborating with other artists for years, Brooklyn’s Tobias Wilner struck out on his own as Blue Foundation in 2000. Three years later he would add Bo Rande to the lineup as a full-time member with the two crafting electronic-infused shoegaze and dream-pop. And in a few months, they will release In My Mind I Am Free, their first full-length album since 2009’s Life Is A Ghost.

    “Lost” is the first track we’re hearing from In My Mind I Am Free and it finds the duo teaming with Brooklyn-by-way-of-Copenhagen songstress Sara Savery. Her breathy, longing vocals beautifully complement the brushes of woozy guitars, slow-bursting noise, and fuzzy drums and bass. But the best part? When everything drops to focus on Savery’s vocals before the gorgeous blends of guitars and electronics slide right back into “Lost.” 

    You can stream and download the track below. In My Mind I Am Free is due out in May.