“Lord Knows” (Video)

    Off the Dum Dum Girls’ new End of Daze EP, the music for “Lord Knows” reflects a more subtle side of the girls. Whereas previous songs were a raucous race of fuzz pop, the new track is much more somber. The sounds are much fuller with the percussion and guitars being more distinct. And the music video directed by Christin Turner fully captures the song’s immaculate lyrics which at times seem to have a religious connotation behind them. The video’s simple use of colors yet built on an epic theatrical stage with flowing sheets, glamorous costumes and columns with majestic candles really depict the song’s emotional vibe gracefully. You can also see his work in videos for artists such as the Crocodiles and Tamaryn.

    The band’s End of Daze EP is now available on Sub Pop Records.