“Looking For Love”

    When Ruth Radelet looks for love I can’t imagine she has to wait very long. “Looking For Love” is one of three new songs from the Italians Do It Better label’s After Dark II compilation, a 16-track mix of music from Glass Candy, Desire, and every other permutation of Johnny Jewel that you can think of.

    According to Consequence of Sound this incarnation of the song is just a taste of what’s reported to be a 17-minute track. The video is composed of footage from Chanel’s Pret-A-Porter Printemps-Ete 2013 Runway that seems to have been run through some kind of 1960s sex appeal filter.

    The track itself is in keeping with the sound that Chromatics have perfected—erotically-charged hypnotic synth and barely-there sighing vocals. There is no set release date for the compilation yet, but according to the label’s blog, it will be available as a triple LP on gold-glittered vinyl. 


    After Dark II Track List:

    01. Glass Candy – “Warm In The Winter”

    02. Mirage – “Let’s Kiss”

    03. Desire – “The Nightshift”

    04. Appaloosa – “Fill The Blanks”

    05. Glass Candy – “Pain Relief Is Fun”

    06. Chromatics – “House Of Models”

    07. Symmetry – “Heart Of Darkness”

    08. Twisted Wires – “Half Lives”

    09. Glass Candy – “The Possessed”

    10. Desire – “Tears From Heaven”

    11. Chromatics – “Johanna”

    12. Farah – “Into Eternity”

    13. Mirage – “Lucifer”

    14. Glass Candy – “Soft Celebration”

    15. Chromatics – “Looking For Love”

    16. Glass Candy – “The Price”